Life without ads
After receiving the premium you will forget about advertising forever
Instant viewRelease date: 13 Jan 2019
You can quickly view posts without going to a page inside the site. A watch button will appear on the preview cards, which will immediately start displaying the video or image.
Telegram notificationsRelease date: 20 Jan 2019
You can subscribe to new posts with selected tags. These posts you will receive in the telegraph where you can quickly download.

How to get premium

Option 1

The easiest way is to buy. It will cost one dollar per month.

Option 2

Link in social network
leave the link on social networks

Option 3

You are artist
If you are an artist and you can confirm it, then you will get a premium forever.

Option 4

BoobsOnly for female
You can get a premium for a year.
You can send a photo of your boobs (you can without a face).
The main thing that somewhere was the name of
This could be an inscription on your body or a piece of paper in your hands or an open site in the background.
it can also be a short video (a couple of seconds)

send your photos to


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